Just an ideal and I’m in no manner an astrophysist but here are some of my thoughts anyway.   So, according to the Big Bang theory our universe started out in an infinitly dense and hot state and then expanded and cooled, which allowed for stuff to form.  Well it seems like there was a lot of stuff packed into a very tiny amount of space.   Well there is only one force that I am aware of in the whole universe that has the power to pack so much stuff in that amount of space, gravity.  On top of that there is only one type of object in the whole univeres that has the amount of gravity needed to pack so much stuff in such a small amount of space, a Black Hole.  So what if the “Big Bang”  was just a Black Hole that went super nova or bang (for lack of better terms)?   I’m sure I’m not the first to have this idea but it makes sense to me none the less.

If this train of thought is correct, the “Big Bang” might have been the start of the universe we live in today but, by no means, the begaining.  There would have to be another univeres to produce said Black Hole that produced the Big Bang.  So what happened to that universe, was it destroyed in the bang, did the Black Hole simply disapper from that universe and a create a new one?  What happened to the galaxy that Black Hole was supporting?  Of coruse this could all be none-sense.