At a time when sales are falling for Hewlett Packard, Dell and Acer(E-Machine,Gatwway) Apple has gained a huge amount of the market.  In large part due to the release of the iPhone and iPad and of course our current economic climit isn’t helping matters.   Some will argue that the days of the desktop computer are numbered, I don’t buy it but we won’t go there today.   Meanwhile Microsoft went and beat the farm.

So it seems Microsoft has been developing a tablet of its own, and why not?  Microsoft has already developed Windows 8 with the tablet as the platform of choice.   Surface (Microsoft’s Tablet) comes with a buit-in standard USB port and a memory card reader.  Also it’s cover  works as a standard keyboard.   Shipping with a fully functional desktop OS, Windows 8, the software and apps avalible for Surface will be more then any other tablet.  More importantly, Apple has strayed far from thier 1984 commercial and has become big brother.  Apple bans or filters more apps and content then just about anyone.  Devolpers have tons of red tape to go through just to get their apps approved for Apple’s app store.   Apple might have been the first to get a successful tablet to market but I fear they might be following in RIM’s footsteps.