The Secret World is a modern day MMO based on secret socities, conspiracy theories, myths and legends.  I find myself drown into the missions and storyline more then any MMO I have played to date.  In fact, this is the first theme park MMO I’ve played that doesn’t feel like I’m playing a World of Warcraft clone.

The missions in The Secret World are more then go kill 10 rats, they are filled with puzzels, mystery and real world research.   Another change from the classic MMO is character progression.  You don’t pick a set class but more closely resembales the character progression system in Skyrim.   Something else that jumped out to me was the mob drops,  very few mobs drop anything and when they do its items that you will use or have value.  I have to tell you, I didn’t miss the vendor trash or the mostly useless mats, at all.

Only a few things I’ve found so far that I didn’t like, one is the slight felling of stages rather then being free to move about a continuous world.  SWTOR gave me the same feeling.  Character creation is kinda limited and some of the options just look bad and bulky.   However this is still in beta and I’m only a few hours into the game.  So far the postives make up for the few negitives.   I haven’t had a chance to engage in any PvP or Instances yet so I can’t really comment on them at this time.

Over all I’m very impressed with the game.  I have no doubt that Secret World will exceed expectations.  If your looking to get into an MMO for the first time or your just tired of the one you are playing now, I would defently be looking at Secret World.